Inspired in Esprit Concrete’s Les Dames du Movement event, this year Lotzen ADD and Esprit Concrete are collaborating to organize a FREE Art du Déplacement/Parkour event designed by and for women. We want to face the inequality in ADD/Parkour by encouraging the inclusion of female practitioners in a predominantly masculine community, as we think that ADD/Parkour is not only a physical activity, but also an inclusive tool for empowerment suitable for everyone.

The event will take place in Donostia (Basque Country, Spain) on the 13th-15th of July 2018. We are lucky to count with Esprit Concrete for the design and organization of the workshops, as well as invited guests from ADD Academy Klo Fillion and Diana Bruno, and the Yamakasi founder Yann Hnautra.


This event is an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Take your first steps in ADD/Parkour if you have always wanted to try it.
  • Discover new ways to train and see ADD/Parkour, thanks to the insights of the coaches.
  • Meet the local and international ADD/Parkour communities.
  • Get to know yourself better and discover your potential both as an individual and in a group.
  • Spend a fun weekend in a beautiful city and enjoy the local food and activities.

Our objective is to create an event in which women from all over the world are able to learn from one another, and help shape and improve ADD/Parkour, creating for that a secure and welcoming environment in which anybody can encourage herself to try the discipline for the first time. We are lucky to have an incomparable group of coaches, so it is a unique and perfect opportunity to learn as much as possible and share it.

We have worked hard to try to make this event accessible to everybody, so we are happy to announce that the workshops and the directed training will be FREE.