FRIDAY 13th – Welcome and group activity

  • For those arriving on Friday, we will spend the evening getting to know each other and doing a fun group activity in the nature.

SATURDAY 14th – Workshops for women of all abilities

  • Several workshops in which different aspects of ADD/Parkour will be addressed: Phsycological, self-development and self-awareness ADD workshops by Kasturi Torchia and Georgia Munroe, from Esprit Concrete. Art du Déplacement workshops by Claudia Fillion and Diana Bruno, from ADD Academy, and by Yann Hnautra, from Yamakasi.
  • Group discussion and Q&A with coaches.
  • Self-defense seminar.
  • Night tour around the city.

SUNDAY 15th – Mixed gender directed training

  • People from every gender are welcome to a FREE training directed by Yann Hnautra (Yamakasi), and Kasturi Torchia (Esprit Concrete).

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